Attract Native STINGLESS Bees to your Garden, here is how you could start!

Costa – Get down and get Dirty

This is how I get my Flowers for Pollen and Honey


Lex is one of my Family’s guardians

My Father’s Garden

Many of my Friends are in this small backyard

Woman saves a Bumble Bee

Here is the full interview with cousin Lex

Honey Tasmania Pty Ltd

Tristan and Rebecca Campbell moved to Tasmania in 2000. They were drawn by the island magnetism, its uniqueness in the world, and its clean/green environment and lifestyle. Their previous life was in rugged western North America, as well as tropical Australia, with their passion and appreciation for nature it lead them to set up a beekeeping venture in Tasmania.

Types of stingless bees by Sydney native bees

Native Stingless Bees

Jonny and Xena help each other. Working together


Sydney stingless bees

Lori Huster

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