Bee learning and Bee subscribing

This week, the preschoolers I work with have been learning more about bees by role playing. Some of the children pretend to be bees in the hive. (a blanket over a small table) & some of the children pretend to be plants, making flowers with their hands. In the morning the bees buzz out of the hive, fly around the room, then tickle the flowers who give pollen to the bees. We are using some yellow dyed felting wool & recycled containers for this. At the end of the day or when the pollen basket is full the bees return to the hive. After a few turns, the children exchange roles…..everyone wants to be a bee of course.

This is a lot more fun than the learning experience my Dad would talk about when bees were mentioned. Back when he was dating my Mum, they went for a picnic on Manly beach. Mum made a lovely meal for lunch & they were enjoying a can of soft drink along with it. Now, bees like sweet sticky substances & I guess there weren’t too many flowers on the beach that day & one bee found it’s way into the can hoping to collect some syrup for the hive.

Bee on a can of soft drink

Bee on a can of soft drink

Picking up the can & bringing it to his mouth to take a sip, would have sloshed the liquid around. No doubt the bee became frightened & feeling the need to protect itself stung Dad on the tongue. Thankfully, he wasn’t allergic but he had a very sore tongue & his pleasant date at the beach with Mum was severely interrupted. After that, Dad liked to pour his soft drink into a glass before taking a sip.


Since joining the team that brings you Brontee Bee, I have learned much more than I knew before about bees. Recently, some of the team had a chat with Lex, a backyard beekeeper to find out some of what he has learned about keeping his own hives. Pop on over to Brontee Bee’s Youtube Channel to have a look.

While you are there, check out Honey Tasmania’s clip. Last time I was in Tasmania, I saw my first ever Bumble Bee. What a surprise that was to step out of my hotel room on a chilly morning & see her buzzing busily around the flowering shrubs.
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Team Leader, Scarlet Honey Eater

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