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KEN IS A SIXTH GENERATION BEE KEEPER who Brontee Bee knows due to her cousin Victoria Bee being in his hives.

Hi I am a 6th generation beekeeper in southern New South Wales , my family started beekeeping in 1854 near Gundaroo just outside of Canberra , I am now located in harden and my wife and I run a small honey shop called Harden’s house of honey , I’ve been working with bees full time since 1973 but started 2 years prior to that when I was only 12 , at my peek I was running about 1200 plus but now I’m retired I just play with around 75 hives , I run bee classes in spring to try and pass on some of my knowledge and helps people who know very little or who want to get started by having a hive in the back yard. 

Come and see me, visit me here on the link below or learn how to look after bees by enrolling into my Bee keeper course.

Harden’s House of Honey 330 Albury St, Harden NSW 2587 Facebook page

The House of Honey 867 Great Northern Hwy, Herne Hill WA 6056    website 


Brontee Bee Jewellery Exclusive

Brontee Bee Jewellery Exclusive

Conchobar Chainmaille Creations Stephen creations are extremely special, Stephen is Brontee Bee exclusive Jewellery maker, visit his site and order. Facebook page



Tristan and Rebecca Campbell.


Honey Tasmania Pty Ltd, Tristan and Rebecca Campbell moved to Tasmania in 2000. They were drawn by the island magnetism, its uniqueness in the world, and its clean/green environment and lifestyle. Their previous life was in rugged western North America, as well as tropical Australia, with their passion and appreciation for nature it lead them to set up a beekeeping venture in Tasmania. They started with one hive but now have a few hundred hives. The couple have two wonderful children, and now the business has grown and will soon have a factory and a interpretation centre which is an excellent Tourism experience for the area. The couple believe in the correct treatment of hive management and use utmost care and respect for these creatures. Honey Tasmania is powered by immense amount of love that they have for both their bees and the Tasmanian landscape which they pollinate.


Parramatta Beekeepers (Amateur Beekeepers Association NSW) Parramatta Beekeepers contact is Lex Booth. If you hear of bees swarming in the broader Parramatta area, rather than calling someone to destroy them please contact Lex to pick up the swarm for you. Contact Lex on Facebook



Chainmaille jewellery is light and can be worn by either Boys or Girls. It is what was used to make chainmaille armour for the knights of old.

Brontee Bee Pin

Brontee Bee Pin



Brontee Bee Earrings

Brontee Bee Earrings


Without Bees

“Did you know that Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, that if all the bees were to die in the world, man would only have 3 years to live. No bees, no food, no man”

Jo at Full Cycle Permaculture shows how a garden of an edible landscape can be purposefully designed into a productive, self-sustaining ecosystem, providing for your family’s needs without work or waste.  click here




Permaculture Sydney West meetings are at  Wentworthville Community Centre, 2 Lane Street, Wentworthville on the first Monday of each month starting at 7pm till 9pm.


Permaculture Sydney West

Permaculture Sydney West is a non-for-profit organisation which teaches people sustainable lifestyles using permaculture design principles. This can include anything from balcony gardening, urban backyards or property design.

They also run Living Skills, Seed Saving, Work shops, Grow Our Own Food (GOOF) training for companies, councils and individuals; come along to a meeting or join on-line. This is all to ensure empowerment of people to embark on a better living style.

Angela is a freelance Graphic and Web designer, she created this website and together we have put together ideas and information. Angela also takes care of the Permaculture Sydney west website. It has been upgraded to its current ‘look’ from the original 2013 theme. Looking for a website?  For more information from  MeamDesign


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