I was hungry.
I popped a couple of pieces of bread under the griller to toast.
I twisted the lid off the jar of honey.
I turned the golden toasted bread over to repeat on the other side.
I placed the warm toast onto the plate.
I dipped the knife into the honey jar & watched as it dripped off the rising blade……….and stopped!

That’s more that a teaspoon of honey.

A bee or two spent their entire life to create this much honey….that’s an incredible life’s work.
I had been about to gobble it down without a thought…..but now I took the plate of organic honey drizzled toast, I sat before the fire, warming myself by the gift of the wood from the fallen tree.

Visualising the flight of the bee, buzzing from flower to flower nurtured to blossom by a loving human.
Imagining the effort of the bee constantly fluttering her wings to exhaustion, drying the nectar to turn into honey.

I took a small bite of my honey covered toast & savoured the flavour of the blossom scented nectar.
Giving thanks to the bees that spent their lives creating this amazing gift.
As I slowly consumed this life giving gift, I contemplated the connectedness of all life forms.
How our consumerist culture has disconnected people from this miracle of nature by going to the shop to buy a product from the shelf.

I enjoyed each thoughtful mouthful of organic honeyed toast being mindful of the bees & the people involved in the process of bringing this honey to me.

Thankyou……it was delicious.

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