Bee Kids Learning

Bee Kids Learning is what Brontee Bee wants to share, to show how easy it is to get along with Bees.

There are native Bees which are mostly stingless and Brontee Bee , she is a honey Bee. We only protect our Queen so please don’t be frightened of me.

We all buzz around busy each day. We would like to share how we all can become sustainable.

We will be visiting no spray gardens (Cide Free) to see the Bee difference it makes.

We will Bee seeing the balance with all the other insects, plants and bird life. Together, through pictures and stories you send Brontee, we will  learn together through The Bee Hive stories.

We will plant the plants to encourage different propagators, do some building of Bee Hotels and the floats to keep Bees safe near water.

We all need to Bee as one to make sure Bees survive.

Come along with Brontee Bee to find out what we all can see.

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