Join us – 16 Reasons to

Objective : keeping the global hive alive

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*  able to learn about sustainability with an easy instructor kid friendly (Brontee Bee)
*  exclusive content for members only
*  competitions monthly to enter (Australian only at this stage)
*  able to submit either your own photo , for a story to be written by Brontee Bee with your photo content being recognised yours
*  able to submit your own story regarding a insect or fauna to explain how Brontee Bee and sustainability works in that story. again content of story being recognised yours
*  exclusive option to buy ebooks of Brontee Bee’s adventures (at a later time)
*  Early learning about Bees
*  What’s happening to Honey Bees, Native Bees and Pollinators
*  Supplying Student Enquiry Resources
*  Fact Sheets
*  Gardening with Bees in a sustainable manner
*  Bees and chemical use
*  Videos for visual learning
*  Interactive learning for teacher, parents, students – Beeing Adaptable, Beeing curious, Beeing friendly, Beeing helpful, Being mindful, Beeing Social
*  Discussing Ecosystems
*  Bees and the Environment


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