Oh my there’s a BEE in my Ear part 2 with the AASK Team

Hi all I have buzzed back to continue the story of AASK

In line the second A, S, K of the AASK Team

S is getting the crowd gee’d up

The second A is the name of a very intelligent woman who is well known for knowledge on Seeds, Plants, and Trees. I needed to get help in the direction of what is the best for bees. The experience from this individual is over 60 years so I was in great hands for the information needed for Brontee Bee and her family to be safe and secure with information to the public.

This person has her own face book and I’m sure if you visit my Facebook you will be able to figure this person’s link. Let me just say you will never not be impressed with the depth of knowledge kindness and strength this individual shows.

Communities all benefit from having A in their collective groups.

So, the second A said YES, I will help you and Brontee Bee stepped a little more into the light. Wow how lucky am I with the AA’s

I now had two Gurus to help me get this Buzz out of my ears!!

(If you look at my posts on facebook you will see reference to with the word seeds in it )

Now we come to the third Guru in the form of the S in the AASK team. This person is very special but that is not her name, she is a generous individual who teaches children and she is sparkly and has a way in which even the smallest of little people can communicate.

She has patience, thank goodness for me, as trying to get my head around the levels of communication needed to launch this site, she has always been my rock. I call S my little sister not for the letter but because she is just as I would have wanted one if I was so lucky.

In the community, S helps from Lower Mountain to High, S has sat on Community Councils to stop education blunders and she has helped neighbours and friends to get through hard times with children and parents alike S has made it a better neighbourhood to live in.

S is so giving too, even when she has troubles of her own, she has taken the time in saying YES to be with Brontee Bee to successfully help her shine.

These three Gurus AAS are the reason, why you can get such great information from Brontee Bee, they have been the foundation of the AASK team and I am so very grateful.

Now we come to the K, yes you guessed it, it’s me. I am a long-term worker with many working arrows to my bow, I have had jobs like cleaner to manager of customer service, but it is not the job you have that counts it is what you do with the experience.

I have always been fortunate to have around me amazing people who work hard for others and companies to make a difference.

I remember being in a large company called a Bank and a Senior Manager saying to me, you are MAD, I looked at him and didn’t know whether to hit him or turn and run away crying but I got it wrong as he further explained.

He said “MAD it is Making A Difference” this has been my mantra from that day to this, I will strive always to be accountable to what I do, to people I serve and to the way in which I try to be MAD.

With this site, it is about sustainability and survival, it is about YOU and ME making a difference (MAD) together, so that we can all have food, looking after the environment and each other including my friends the BEE’s so come on board and contact me so we can all BEE PART OF BEING MAD TOGETHER.

I am always going to be part of this team as the Bee’s will not let me walk away.

Once we got to the more even level that we are on today, due to the people I have spoken about, Brontee Bee is now with a online shop for encouraging locals to be part of the sustainable solution, we have gigs with Schools and Councils and large organisations like Museum of Contemporary Arts we have dealings with wonderful supporters like Costa, Carlii, Indira, Michelle (govt) Michelle (council) Lisa (council), we now have business cards and gmail, we have utube and facebook also soon to be Instagram.

Not bad for a BEE BUZZING IN THE EAR so I thank you, without your help AASK and all the rest mentioned, we would not have this to share today.

I will buzz in soon to share some of the stories Brontee Bee has heard been part of and seen. B – Cing U soon

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