It was sunny and silent except for the buzz from my neighbours this was a box of native stingless bees and a box of honey European bees.

The sound was relaxing whilst looking at the plants, herbs around me at my friend’s place.

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ looking closer, Whoosh past it went, I moved, it moved, what could I do?

Yes: it mesmerised me I found myself falling just a little more. Then I heard a sound in my ear

“Wow you’d have such a lot of information from flying from plant to plant, house to house and yard to yard?” “I bet you could tell us how to BEE sustainable?”

Brontee Bee was born in that moment, in that space between being afraid – to being calm at the beauty and knowledge I was about to find.

This was the start of a bee- ute-i-ful relationship which has taken me flying up up up meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things as they strive to change their daily habits to be more sustainable. In such a short time I have created a Non-for-Profit Company called Brontee Bee ABC’S.

IT is sustainable and Locally focused to show people children and the community how a little change can make a big difference.

I have had the pleasure now with working alongside major entertainers, large corporates, councils and wonderful members of the public and schools.

From my friend’s backyard I went home and the Buzz of the Bee in my ear increased. I tried to let it slide like so many things people think of and shake off, but it didn’t budge.

What was I going to do!!

I thought maybe if I tell someone I would then be satisfied and the BUZZING, WOULD STOP, so I did.

NO LUCK the buzzing just got louder!!

So as I laid in my bed at almost 2am the next day not able to let the buzz slow down, I had worked a plan I was going to build a website.

Website!!! mad me I have never even taken on FaceBook.

What did I know about this….. Nothing.

Where would I find information?   Well I did sit on a community executive team for a Permaculture Group, maybe I could talk to the person who looked after their website to get some idea of what to do?

I was so confused not sure what to make of any of this at all.

Here I am not having bees, but wanting to do a site on bees, not knowing how to start a website or even how I was going to fund this.

Couldn’t I just have let it slide….. No the bees were back everywhere I went, I was going to my day job (in a health industry) walking to my bus and look up in the tree and see BEES buzzing and going from flower to flower, there following me,,, keeping me in check ,,,   ARE they saying they would help me???

So, as I worked at my day job I tended to wander a little and start thinking what a BRONTEE BEE would look like?

I get out my pad and doodle for a while look at the internet at Bee and what they actually look like up close.

Within a couple of days I felt fine about the rounded happy shape of the cute BRONTEE BEE

So now I know what she looks like!! I guess I need to speak to the IT person I know it needs to happen soon as I realise this is just not slowing down in fact it is shaping up to be a very pushy BEE flying fast to whatever this will BEE come.

It is the night to go to my executive meeting, I can only say I can’t stop now.

Speaking with the IT Guru, it was clear just how much I didn’t know and how this was taking on something which I was such a novice at PLEASE HELP!!! I said and the IT guru said YES.

(See my website to see the guru’s contact, this is the first A)

So, I took a huge leap of faith!!

I also knew I could not do this on my own, I spoke to a couple of my friends who had similar interests and they said YES!

So, the “AASK“ team started the journey this is the initials of all the four people I took this acronym to mean the BEEs were at it again.

I will be back with BRONTEE BEE to continue – SO BEE C-ING U SOON


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