Phoenix Slowly Rising from the Ashes – Animal Pouches You can Make

Great for using scrap wool as you can mix colours if you wish.

Showing Nest and Pouch for Rescue Animals


8 ply wool or acrylic. Be sure there are no knobby or hard bits through the wool, keep it plain.

Size 4mm needles

Use only garter or stocking stitch or a mix of both, no patterns that little animal claws, paws or beaks can get caught in.

This pattern will knit squares in sizes Small – 24cms or Medium – 30 cms.

Sizing will depend on the tension used by the knitter. Yours may end up being a little smaller or larger but don’t worry, all can be well used and there will be fabric liners that will match up with your pouch.

Pouch Liners


Cast on 100 [130 medium] stitches.

Knit until the work measures 24cms for small; [30cms for large].

Fold knitted piece in half to form a square.

Stitch down the sides and bottom.

Making Pouches for Animal Rescue


This project is from the Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild ARCCG. More patterns and further updates to help can be found on their Facebook site at

Job well done you!

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