Phoenix rising from the ashes

We are back again to speak of the amazing people who have been through Hell and again shown that they are the HEROES we have come to know.

The heros on this Blog do not wear the usual cape and masks they walk among us and do the regular things, like Katie in the Cafe we are going to speak about in Lake Conjola.

Katie is a unassuming person who just wanted to have a better life for her family and whilst trying to build their business Tilly & Mo Cafe found a small community who wanted to stick together and grow.

Katie and Kane made Lake Conjola their home and a place they are proud to be a member of, they cook with their hearts to ensure that people enjoy their time in the area, with smiles on their faces and love in their recipes they do a mammoth job.

They are a family which lost in the fires, here is the photo they posted to let others know that they had made it out ok!

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The home of Katie and Kane in Lake Conjola

They now have gone back to the Cafe and are renting from another resident who had a holiday home.

We ask you to show these Heroes you care so go down to see them say Hi from Brontee Bee, and have a excellent coffee and maybe one of their wonderful breakfasts or even if in the afternoon and if you are quick enough one of their lemon tarts.

Yes they have even had a flood but these Heroes are still there keeping the community uplifted with their smiles and excellent food service.

If you wish to donate you can do it locally at: Conjola Community.

When people rebuild they also will need planting and Brontee Bee would appreciate it if you selected a bush or two that we BEES love. Herbs are quick growing and grow quicker than most other plants so purchasing Lavender, Cretan Savory or and Thyme herbs will provide food for native and honey bees as they come back to the areas. Donate them to anyone in town, the community gardens or school where they can get them growing quickly. Thank you.

One last thing to remember, the kangaroos who survived tend to sit in the middle of the road or on the verge of the properties taking their nourishment. They realise people are about and move when they need, so be aware we need every one we have.

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