Rosie the Rosella and her bee loving treat.

Rosie the Rosella, sat high in the tree surveying the yard close to Brontee Bee’s hive. There was a beech tree. On the floor of the yard many beech seed pods were scattered. Beech seed pods are a Rosella’s delight, but the hive was very close to where seeds were, and she would need to land to retrieve them.


The bees were coming out of their entrance landing ledge and jettisoning themselves out to go on their searches for nectar. It was extremely busy, every second at least 20-30 bees took flight.
The bees flew straight towards the beech tree, climbing up in altitude and disappearing in seconds.

Rosie the Rosella decided the tempting beech tree pods were worth the risk, she needed to make sure the bees realised that this was not an attack on their hive. Otherwise, the guard bees would launch an attack to defend their home and this would be awful for Rosie.

Rosie the Rosella decided that the best way to minimise the risk, was to fly down to the neighbouring tree then onto the ground where she would walk or jump towards the beech pod seeds. In doing this she would not spook the hive guards to go into a frontal attack.

Little by little she moved towards her goal, she was only a couple of feet away from the beech seed pods, still aware of the movement of the bees taking off for their nectar searching, when she heard a voice. Looking up she saw the most curious thing. A bee hovering above her, just watching her. The bee came closer and to Rosie’s surprise bellowed out a very big “Hello”.
Rosie the Rosella was taken aback and only by way of shock said “Hi”.

The bee continued to speak “I’m Brontee Bee who are you and what did you come for?”

Rosie the Rosella replied, “I’m Rosie” and told Brontee Bee that she was just hungry for the treats of beech seed pods, she didn’t mean to hurt any bees and these pods were near their hive and flying and landing platform.
Brontee came down closer to inspect the beech seed pods “Oh, she said you eat these at this stage?”

“Yeah” Rosie the Rosella said, “they are really tasty do you eat them too?”

“No” replied Brontee, “we get the pollen before this stage and we do make sure the more mature seeds get to germinate and grow more plants”

“I’m sorry” stated Rosie rosella

“No, its fine, if you leave at least a couple of mature ones, there’s plenty for you as well”
“I can do that” Rosie said

“Great, come back when you need, I will advise the guards it will be ok”

“Thanks, Brontee” Rosie picked up a juicy beech seed pod flew to the high branches of the tree and started eating whilst watching her new friends the bees flying off on their journeys.



Photo credit Penny Janson
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