Sabina the White Sea Eagle helps Costa and Brontee Bee

The strength of the wings was very easily seen, looking up from my secure feathered neck area where I was nestled.

Costa came closer to speak with the majestic creature the White Sea Eagle. The eagle didn’t slow its pace it had a perfect thermal which carried it higher than what Costa and Brontee felt comfortable in following. Costa called out that they needed the creatures help.

Looking down the eagles eyes spied me nestled in Costa’s neck, it called back to Costa that he had a hitchhiker. Costa calmly stated that the hitchhiker was Brontee Bee who as his special friend and that he was trying to fly this friend to the shores of Tasmania. The grand eagle looked and laughed its not possible for you to do that Black Cockatoo going across the Tasman is a journey only an experienced traveller with great wings and strength could do this.

“Listen” the sea eagle said  “ I will be down shortly just land down there and I will give you as much help as I can, I don’t want either of you two to end up shark or whale feed Dave has told me all about your needs”

Costa saw the branch the eagle mentioned and flew to its tip so that the eagle didn’t loose sight of them.

Costa didn’t realise that the sea eagle had exceptional eyesight and could spot fish just below the surface of the waves, from the dizzy heights he was travelling.

It was about 10 minutes later the sea eagle landed on the branch and in his efforts to come closer to speak made the branch upon which Costa and Brontee stood shook a fair amount but not enough to displace them. Brontee came out of her nestled area to see and speak to the White Sea Eagle.

The sea eagle was a magnificent size with a hooked beak and exceptionally sharpe claws which it wrapped  around the tree limb, anchoring it firmly so it didn’t wavier in the breeze.

“I have family across the Tasman” mentioned the eagle, “by the way my name is Sabina”

“Hi I’m Brontee Bee and this is my good friend Costa”, “we need to speak with one of my family’s hives in Scamander Beach Bay of Fires,  Tasmania. It is very important so if you could help us we’d be very appreciative?”

“It is 132 nautical miles to Scamander Beach from here at Wilsons Promontory National Park Victoria.” “You will need to travel up high to stop the gusts of wind which happen lower down”
“Wow!” Costa said “I’m not sure I can fly that high up Brontee?”

“But I can,” said Sabina, “if you stay here Costa to keep an eye on my fledgling, it feeds itself now but will need an adult knowledge just in case.” “Working together we can get this done, Ok?”

Sabina and Brontee and Costa made plans how the trip will be done, Costa looked from the perch in the tree surveyed the area for his type of food to sustain him whilst Sabina and Brontee were gone.
The fledgling Bernie got to know why his mother Sabina had to help Brontee, he felt proud that their family was part of saving 40 hives in the Scamander Beach park near Bay of Fires Tasmania.

Visit our Guardian Bee Keepers  (North West Branch)  to find out more about the struggle to stop (felling of leatherwood) which reduces the lively hood and health of the bee hives for Tasmania.


Fun Fact: White Bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus Leucogaster)
The white bellied sea eagle is known to soar to great heights gliding with its wings held in a stiff “V” shape. White-Bellied Sea Eagles eggs are white in colour and the female will lay clutches from one to three eggs, their offspring do not leave the nest until 65-70 days
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Photo credit Annette Jones
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