The Cide Monster

Its scary to know that the Cide Monster exists, as we are all subject to the way in which there is no discrimination of good or bad, in how Cides are used.

We have no choice in what the growers spray our food with there is nothing on a label to tell us.

We have no way of saying we are safe as all chemicals carry risk.

We all have to BEE aware of its properties as with the English dictionary it explains that Cide means death the question is whose.
If its Bees and other pollinator’s this affects our food chain, we are part of that food chain too. You hurt the pollinator’s then you hurt us, our bodies get hurt by these chemical as well.

So side with me and Stop CIDE be CIDE free and live well.

And- just in case you missed it…..

Cide Monster (animation)

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