Benji Blue Cap

Benji Blue Cap bounced on the aloe vera leaf just outside Annette’s window. He fussed and bothered until she got up to find out what was the matter. Benji twittered, chittered and started flying and jumping from the window then over to the bird bath, making such a racket.

“Yes! I’m coming” said Annette, our organic seed saver as she made her way towards the garden area, over towards where her blue bowl stood.

Looking very closely she could just make out a honey bee trying desperately to hold onto the side of the blue bowl. Annette picked up her pace quickly, getting a long parsley stalk  and making a ladder for the poor wet bee to climb out.

As safely as she could, Annette picked up the end of the stalk and brought the bee to a dry branch on land.

“Oh! you poor thing, thank goodness Benji made such a racket”, “I will make bee floats for all the containers around my seed yard, to ensure this doesn’t happen again”

The bee looked up exhausted but calm. Benji sat on a nearby branch of the papaya tree, looking at the recovering bee, making sure it was still ok. Little did Annette know, she had saved Benji’s good friend, Brontee Bee.

Brontee Bee, being very grateful, promised to return to Annette’s seed saver yard to help pollinate her flowers to give the best organic seeds to bee grown safely for all of you to buy.

Annette’s yard is a natural “NO SPRAY HABITAT”, is yours?”

Fun Facts: Male Blue Wrens (Blue Caps) – change colour every year from dull brown to bright blue. They call out their alarms in two tones, one when predators are a fair distance away and one frantic call when there is immediate danger. Juvenile Brown Caps, who are males with brown heads and a dark blue feathered tail, and the all brown females, have the brightly coloured Blue Capped male wren to be their decoy in danger situations. When danger threatens, the bright blue male attracts attention to himself which gives his family time to escape and hide. Blue Wren fathers sing to their eggs, this tend to give more alert offspring  being born.



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