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Brontee Bee is here to let people know how important bees are to the survival of fauna, flora and the human species. Come fly with her on a learning journey as she visits garden and habitats near and far.

Honey for Health

Honey is antibacterial. Honey has been long used to treat cuts and burns and to nourish skin in traditional medicine. A lack of the scientific method at that time meant that honey’s usefulness was recognized through trial and error. Read more

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Whether you’re sweet or sour, these recipes will deliver Brontee Bee power


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Honey  I was hungry

Honey I was hungry

Honey I was hungry. I popped a couple of pieces of bread under the griller to toast. I twisted the lid off the jar of honey. I turned the golden toasted bread over to repeat on the other side. I placed the warm toast onto the plate. I dipped the knife into...

The “No Spray” Garden -Cide Monster

The Cide Monster Its scary to know that the Cide Monster exists, as we are all subject to the way in which there is no discrimination of good or bad, in how Cides are used. We have no choice in what the growers spray our food with there is nothing on a label to tell...

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