Dave the Bottlenose Dolphin

Dave the Bottlenose Dolphin glided into the shallows to take a better look at the Bee and Cockatoo standing on the sand discussing how they would reach the island called Tasmania.

Dave was amused as these creatures had no idea just how far this trip would be, they only kept saying it was so important to reach the hives in Scamander Beach Bay of Fires,  Tasmania.

Dave interrupted them in mid sentence to grab their attention “Hoy! I’m Dave and I know of this town, how’d you supposed you’re going to get there?” “Hi Dave, my friend Costa and I (Brontee Bee) just know we have to get there, its life or death for my family, do you have any suggestions?”

“There’s a couple things I can think of 1. Ride with me but you’d get wet and maybe drown or 2. Maybe I could get my friend Sabina the White Sea Eagle to lend you some help”. “She’s very strong and flies a long way. I could give her directions but only one of you could go. Your friend Costa may need to stay on land. I don’t think he’d be able to fly that far.”

“Ok Dave, is it possible for us to speak with your friend Sabina?”

“Yeah, she’s off getting her fledgling some dinner; she should be back before dark. I’ll go out a bit deeper to be able to jump out of the water to get her attention; I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Costa and Brontee waited patiently on the sand looking out to the deeper water, waiting and waiting to see when Dave the Bottlenose dolphin would leap out of the water to get his friends attention.

It took another 30 minutes but suddenly Dave was doing somersaults galore and down flew the biggest bird Brontee and Costa had ever seen.

Sabina introduced herself and they all discussed what was needed to start Brontee’s trip in 2 days time.

Fun Fact: Bottlenosed Dolphins sleep with one eye opened the other closed. The Bottlenosed Dolphins’ eyeballs move independently, they can look forward and backward at the same time



Dave the Bottle Nosed Dolphin
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